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Prostcrads (yes that is purposefully misspelled)

Research Fun Yeah!

"Generally the rising prevalence of obesity is attributed to the availability of an easily accessible and palatable table diet. Car culture and mechanized manufacturing." (
I think i could make a postcard that has to do with this, so now the contextual system is social and it is about the fast food culture and ease of life causing decay of humans both physically and possibly mentally.

Religion. Hindus believe the cow to be a symbol of divine motherly love and unselfish giving. Because the cow historically was used by them as a source of milk, and labor, living their entire lives in uncomplaining service of the human, a service they could not survive without. So now they remain an ultimate symbol of care and love. taken in this social contextual system, I can now cast the object in a negative light as opposed to the postcard i have received which has remained positive.

Historical. industrial means of meat processing, and Upton Sinclair's "the Jungle" again suggests a road to reinterpret the postcard as negative. depicting the horrors of industrial labor and working conditions. the frightful trail follows, cows live miserable lives->humans that process the cows have miserable working conditions->but the unknowing consumer is happy with the deliciousness for the hamburger. The Meat Inspection Act was passed to stave the public outcry against the the uncleanliness of the industry in 1906.

Environmental. The carbon footprint of a single cheese burger is equal to that of the carbon output of 7,500 suv's annually. This sounds like a lot and I almost find it hard to believe, but I most sources seemed to have similar numbers. So, who knows, but either way I'm sure it is a lot, so a visually representation of the environmental impact as an environtemal contextual system of the of the burger industry which is a physical context for the meatgrinder. Casting everything once more in a negative light.

so then the conversation thus far has proceeded as follows.

ian-"hey look meatgrinders are good."
jessica-"i agree look at the delicious hamburger it created and the clean setting in which you can enjoy it."
ian-"actually upon further understanding it is bad because of this historical context."

um, yeah.

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new post cards

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what i found

this example, i think, is supposed to give an uneasy feeling to the viewer. obviously it is taking place during a tropical storm and not a bright sunny day, so the it is supposed to be fearful, and the black and white immediately makes this a "serious" photo. the low angle of the shot puts the viewer below the subject matter perhaps saying something about natures power over us.

this example is obviously supposed to strike a sympathetic and pity cord in the viewer. again the black and white makes the subject matter serious. now we are looking down on the subject putting us in a position of superiority over them, which allows us to feel pity. the position coupled with the condition of the figures makes them appear even more helpless.

this more light hearted example is meant to be optimistic. the figure is slightly above vertical center and is centered horizontally giving comfort to the viewer. his head is slightly tilted and is peering inquisitively at the viewer. this photograph takes an positive look at its subject.

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