Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yes, I Love Drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoooooooWeeeeeeeeee!

Okay, so after progress crit on...what ever day that was, it gets hard to remember sometimes. I went with the options that were suggested to me by my piers and I think that it will work out. So the pull over starts with the "po" laying in wait like on the second sketch, then takes of after an erratically driving "lice" they zoom across the frame several times as in the third sketch and then the frisking ensues. I left out the part in the first pull over with the counter of the "o" getting out of the "po" as if it were the cop, because it didn't go with the way this frisk took place. Now three "police"'s pat down a close up of the "L" and "I" of the pull over fames, and fall off screen, where we find them in a pile. I image once then pan up to the stage, I want the "police"'s to kind of jump to life and club the "L" "I" into smitherenes. I didn't want to end with the "police"'s in a jumble so I then have them aline across the stage, possibly like police tape marking off the area of the clubing. I don't know if I can do that though because technically it is another action. Also from the first action to the second action I change the characters, it goes from "po" vs "lice" to the three "police"'s vs the "L" "I". I think this is okay because I feel like the actions are simple clear enough that people will still get it, plus formally I think the transitions work better this way.

Wow that was a lot to say about a story board. hm.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gradiated Semiotics

This is my homework.

30 Sketches

pull over

Initial Word List:

Objects: steering wheel, keys, clutch, brake, accelerator, seat, buckle, engine, window, mirror, muffler, bumper, hubcap, road, signs, tickets, police, hood, truck.

Muffler: smoke, sputter, backfire, rattle
Traffic Light: flash, blink, stop, shine
Police: arrest, pull over, club, frisk
Head Lights: shine, blind, flash
Window: drop, crack, shatter, roll up

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meat my grinder

the audience that would be interested in this audience would be adults ages 28-45. 28 is just old enough to have established a separate life for ones self and start collecting all the things that it takes to furnish a house, (like antique meat grinders) and 45 is right on the edge that people older than that wouldn't be antique collectors, but would just have old things.
introduction to this object could happen in any number of ways, it may just be something that had formal qualities the collector found intriguing, or maybe they were decorating around an industrial kitchen motif. many collectors may have an affinity toward an object such as this because it was something that their grandmothers had in the kitchen and the nostalgia of the object attracts them too it. they always wanted to use it but grandma wouldn't let them for fear they'd break it or hurt themselves, so now they have their own to show grandma.
hobbies or carriers related to the object would be few that i could think of. i guess if someone was into sausage making as a hobby, (and yes this is a hobby) would be applicable. also antique collecting is a hobby and some collectors don't discriminate they just collect so they would fall into the category. as for careers that would use the meat grinder either chef, butcher, deli person.
feelings of nostalgia for grandmas kitchen, it calls to mind memories of the white hatted deli worker and the classic diner that serves "egg creams" and nickle sandwiches.
some one interested in an exhibit about this would be someone interested in the feeling of this time period when things seem so much more innocent and happy days. i think that possibly another person that my be interested in such a device would be a historian curious about uses of the archimedean auger, which is the interior screw portion that the meat grinder would not operate without.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

final post...ers

the project is finally over, and the entire time i had been thinking that i wished i could go back and look at some of my initial concepts, that maybe there was something better there that i passed up, but now that it's over i'm fairly certain these were the right choices.


My formal approach to this project was to use cut paper, and illustration with water color was a way of communicating my humorous concepts. The cut paper references the way a real pinata would have been made and the water color tones relate to the Hispanic visual landscape. the choice to ornament the luchador mask was a way of relating further to Hispanics by utilizing a style they would recognize.
I used parody to make my luchador poster. The pardoy of uncle sam is made more subtle by reducing the image to a head and hands. The visual and verbal pun of the pinata poster not only relates the poster do the hispanic culture but relates the hispanic culture to voting by replacing something synonimous with the voting process with something they would recognize. I chose to use these two devices because I felt they lent themselves most readily to humor, which is something I have been trying to use in my work more, because humor is a part of who i am. Working with humor is an attempt at making my work more honest.

Critique with senior and junior

during the critique with jessica and alicia they understood my posters and thought that it was a clear representation of the hispanic culture and the the copy was too the point and understandable.

in the pinata poster they liked the repetition in the copy of the a sound in "vota for a" they thought it made it more humorous, and therefore more engaging. They also liked that the little pinatas not only related to the hispanic culture but to the voting process as well. So the ideas did not seem to unrelated. They suggested that the background color be changed to contrast more with pinatas and make them stand out. They thought an unobtrusive background would be best. They also liked the idea that tyler had to hang them and thought it would put them in a more natural context. We talked about the possibility of a party scene in that background to serve this point but thought it would destract too much from the point, and to make total sense with the copy there would have to be two parties going on in the background adding unnecessary noise.

The lucha poster was also recieved well. They got it and agreed that the type should be moved back to its original place on the poster serving as a chest area for the luchador. They thought that the Luchador could use some color to make it more engaging and make the black vote stand out more against the black outlines. I decided to do this by making water color swatches, scanning them in, and uncerimoniously cutting them into fill shapes that didn't quite match with the drawing to give it a less precise quality. That we agreed would work well in this application because it was more remenicent of their cultural landscape.


types of kinets

Possible objects:
steering wheel, keys, clutch, brake, accelerator, seat, buckle, engine, window, mirror, muffler, bumper, hubcap, road, signs, tickets, police, hood, trunk, tires, headlights, traffic lights, intersection,

possible actions:
muffler: smoke, sputter, exhale, backfire, rattle
traffic light: flash, blink, stop, shine
police: arrest, pull over, beat, frisk, patrol, club
headlights: shine, blind, flash
window: drop, crack, shatter, roll up

I think I'll go with muffler: smoke, backfire, rattle. I'll also use police: pull over, frisk, club


Friday, September 12, 2008

Story Boardies

this is my 20 frame sequence of a little toy car turning and blasting through a wall. The ending is supposed to be humorous in that it would be unexpected for a toy car to burst through a real brick wall. I showed motion through movement of action and movement of camera, and tried manipulate time through the use of many images that show little change between them.
This is an 20 frame sequence of gears shifting inside a car. I tried to use choppy sequencing and in camera motion blur to visually represent the emotions of driving quickly. The angles were an attempt to add interest to an otherwise mundane activity.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fufteen Croncepts

in case these are illegible from top left to bottom right, they say: "This bull met his end at the hands of a matador...He will never be able to vote.", "It's easier than fighting a giant Bull. Vote", "Education...Bull...If you can make that choice you can vote", "An election without your vote is like a matador without his cape...Worthless!", "You have plenty of time. In Fact how about you don't...VOTE."
"Peace...Vote", "Take some time off...Vote", "No Choice...Vote", "An election without your vote is like a Luchador without muscles...Worthless", "I'd rather fight him than vote."

"Voting: It's as easy as swinging a stick. All you have to do is pick", "Pinata...Peace...Know what your voting for", "This is your country...This is your country without your vote", "Fiesta...Vote", "An Election without your vote is like a pinata that holds one piece of candy...Worthless."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

visible languages: mapping minds and taking names

So i mapped my mind once in red and thought that maybe it wasn't really that helpful because I was pretty sure I had done it wrong, I flipped the paper over and started again after a startlingly scornful email from tyler. Now I was on the ... I don't know if you could call it right, but it was a path none the less. I got what seem to me to be a cornucopia of delectable, punny, and voterific ideas. I like 'em. Hope you do to.

narrative in sound and motion Most successful spreads

Okay, the plan of attack is to eliminate the infograph/map, they look stupid.
I'm going to add a surprise ending to the little car turning booklet,
I'll work toward making the photocopied one more unified by switching angles between frames earlier on, and unifying the tone across.
The gearshift series be reshot to exaggerate some of the actions and get clearer results, removing the soft focus in frames where it isn't necessary.
The turning series that looks like a bunch of blurs will also be completely reworked because as of right now it doesn't make any sense. I will exaggerate some of the motions in order to more clearly convey what is happening. It will also be shot in the daytime so that there is better lighting and contrast.
We'll see.