Sunday, March 30, 2008


-Evolution of Object

-”Flea Glasses”
-toward the end of the thirteenth century when spectacles gained popularity these were invented to look at bugs
-Light microscope 1590 Zaccharias Janssen and son Hans
-Galileo 1609 added a focusing device
-Anton van Leeuwenhoek approx. 1650 developed his own finely ground microscope
-he was the first to see bacteria and yeast plants
-The electron microscope followed 1931 invented by Ernst Ruska
-Then the scanning probe microscope

Cotton Swab
-cotton on a toothpick
-if a miss cleaning a sharp poke to the inner ear could result
-Leo Gerstenzang invented the q-tip in 1923 under the name Baby Gays
-first wooden qtip
-later paper stemmed qtip
-last plastic qtip

Latex Glove
-The glove goes back to as early as 440 BC
-First latex glove was produced in 1964 by Ansell Limited in Melbourne
-Nitile is replacing latex and was first developed in 1844 by Hermann Fehling

Magnifying Glass
-Aristophanes wrote about magnification qalities of glass as early as 380 B.C.
-1065 “reading stones” were used by monks
-Roger Bacon invented the magnifying glass in 1268
-Magical Glass is a computer screen magnification program that was developed on dec. 9, 2007

-Camera obscura was written about by chinese philosopher Mozi as early as 390 B.C.
-First Permanent photo was taken by Joseph Nicephone Niepce
in 1862
-First digital camera was released in 1973
-it recorded onto a cassette tape
-had a res. of .01
-weighed 8 lbs.
-took 23 sec. to record

-First used in approx. 3000 B.C. by Mesopotamians and Indians
-They were more tong like and used for moving things onto and off of fires.
-1990’s Carlos Bustamante developed Optical tweezers us a laser to create an attractive and repulsive force.
-Phillip Kim and Charles Lieber developed nano tweezers in 1999
-they are made of 100 nanometer micropippette

Plastic Bag (ziplock)
-Developed by dow chemical in 1968
made of polyethelene

-Joshua Cowen 1896 invented the first flashlight
-it was originally meant to light potted plants
-First LED flashlight in 1999-2001
-HID flashlights produce more light by running electricity through ionized gas

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Statement: Project 2

This project was an exploration of form and simplicity for me.
In the initial phases of this project I wanted to draw from objects that while visually more interesting, were not straightforward enough to be recognizable. I altered my outlook and simplified both form and concept, until I arrived and this singular line solution.
Questions I asked myself in the refinement stages of this exploration were, how much? how big? how small? how think?
During the color application I was presented with more questions;
how can two colors be integrated into a single line? what color? why? how will this affect scaling?
Considering each questions and their answers furthered my understanding of the precision with which we must create in order to effectively deliver a message.

Final Icons

Final adjustments include the alteration of the bag to look more bag-like. It was suggested that maybe it could be mistake for a jar, so I simplified the bottom element of the bag, and bowed the sides inward so it would look less perfect, and more handled. In terms of color I finalized my color choices, which are meant to reflect ideas of hospital-like sterility, (the cool blue and light tan) which I believe carry over to the field of forensics, in that they are similar atmospheres. The Darker background color is supposed to give the idea of dark detective story. Both the forensics and detective aspect were important to keep, since they were present in the narrative that drove my semiotic scrapbook. The final revision of the title "Entry-Level Operative" was chosen as a variant of "Elementary Detective" which people seemed to respond to. The concept behind the title is that the icons have a sort of fun child-like quality (which relates back to the narrative) while being about something serious.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Names

The name from the last set that people seemed to respond to was Elementary Detective. So, now I tried to think of different ways I could say that.

gum shoe
private dick

child's play
kids' stuff

New Names:
simple shamus
straightforward shamus
entry-level operative
initiatory investigator
painless gum shoe
initiatory operative

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Some slight changes, and color correction. I made some alterations to the spaces between the breaks in the line that makes up each object, and reworked the flashlight to make the line break seem more reasonable, without compromising the flashlights original structure.

A list of words to work with:
digital forensics
Sherlock Holmes
Dick Tracy

Possible Names:
Archimedes' Evidence
Skeletonized Forensics
Legal Alchemy
Digital Alchemy
Elementary Detective
They Won't Find You
You Got Away Clean
They'll Find It
Sherlock's Bag of Tricks
It was Arsenic

New Bag Options

I think maybe one of these options my work better. I think the jar quality in my bags may come from the rigidity and the indistinct object at the bottom may serve better as a wrinkle. So the top bag is an attempt to wrinkle the object, the middle is an attempt at form adjustment so the outer edge of the bag isn't rigid (much the way a bag would be if it had something in it, The third option is a little of column "A" and a little of column "B".

Monday, March 17, 2008

7 Holy Virtues

This project is a pictorial representation of the Seven Holy Virtues. I wanted to represent them without using people. My original intention was to create these images using objects of any kind. I quickly realized that although there was continuity in that all the images were objects, there was no continuity within the objects. So, I used what I thought was my strongest image, for kindness and based the rest of my images off the string/spindle object set. I felt that the string and spindle motif also offered a gentility which complimented the subject matter.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Flashlight, Glove Comparsion

Okay, I have a new name concept for my Icons. Either "Detective-o-Licious" or "Fun with Forensics"

Color Icons

This is my Icon set in color. I made a decision about what plastic bag to go with and revised the glove and the flashlight.
As far as a name goes I'm thinking about something bold like "Detective Icons" : P

Color Icon Process

Since my Icons are based one a single line concept, I had to figure out how to either add other elements or segment the line so that a second color would make sense. Once I figured out how I wanted to integrate the color into the icons I had to get the color to actually print the way I wanted, so the process here is about color integration and correction.
More Process for color Icons

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Final Icons

Connotations of Icon Set:
Child-like, elegant, simple, scientific, sterile, medical, sign-like, fun, happy-go-lucky, traumatic, universal, frightening, unhappy, meticulous, time consuming,

Final Icons

Icons Process

Friday, March 7, 2008

Color System 3

Color System 2

Color System 1

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Semiotic Scrapbook

semiotic scrap book on crime scene
investigation presented in the form of
a comedic detective narrative.

Process for Scrapbook
Scrapbook Photos