Thursday, August 28, 2008


1. respect (starting with the self), hard work, honesty, loyalty, dedication, family.
the religious majority is split between being Catholics and Evangelicals.
maintaining cultural practices, collectivism,

2. immigration, health care, education, stability of economy, crime, concerns of terrorism
Those concerned with education what an education that is of quality and affordable
Those who want a dependable economy what it in order to have a stable platform to enhance the standard of life for themselves and their offspring.
the more conservative party is interested in gay marriage, taxes, and abortion.

3. Jennifer Lopez, Manny Ramirez, Salsa music/dancing, religious tattoos. "la playa", carlos mencia, virgen de guadalupe, george lopez, soccer, gabriel garcia marquez.

hand made crafts, homiez, telemundo, nissan and radio shack are making advertising specifically pointed toward hispanics.

5. too busy, bad weather, felt it wouldn't make a difference, forgot, conflicting schedule, voter registration problems, illness/disability, not interested, didn't like candidates, out of town, inconvenient location, other (not specified). Many wanted to for the last election but were not legal yet and or old enough.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Narrative in Sound and Motion

I think that my activity will be reading, drawing, playing, playing video games, watching, driving, board games, writing, sleeping, building, crafting, shopping, organizing, designing, painting, throwing (pottery), cooking, eating, scuba diving, conversating, mountain climbing, smelting, smithing, founding, traveling, building, destroying, brick laying, pizza making, flying, walking, camping, bocche balling, badmintoning, observing, kick balling, frisbeeing, four squaring.

I think I'll do driving. actions include, steering, gear shifting, accelerating, braking, buckling the seatbelt, opening and closing the door, checking mirrors, checking blind spots, hanging your arm out the window.
Film sources would include the Fast and Furious series, Gone in 60 seconds, Talladega Nights, Ronin, Italian Job, each of the Bourne movies have nice driving sequences, David Fincher usually includes a good driving sequence in his films, Cannonball Run. I sure there are others.