Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I found and it is a really good reference to my degree project. It sources social media sites like flickr, youtube, digg, etc. to provide content for queries.

It isn't visual, or directly comparative.
The author seems to take the stance of passive collector, and makes no effort to share an opinion, but rather admits that the data exists, shows it to you and leaves it at that.
I like the image aspect, but I want the images to be used in some kind of way. Like paring them with an article.

What if a key word was picked from news headlines when searched, and assigned to articles creating serendipitous commentary.

It seems to me that my intent is for this presentation of information is supposed to be practical, and probably persuasive in a sense, but not skewed in favor of a persuasion.
What if the experience and presentation were more poetic? Early I asked the question what if it involved information about the provider of the data? (i.e. their facebook status or biographical information if available) seems to take the practical approach.

I'm going to brainstorm right here...
What if it was a chair?
I'm sitting in a chair right now, my posture is terrible so I'm slouching, I'm comfortable. A chair supports me, it can be leaned back it, you can break a leg off of it to kill a vampire with, you can shatter a window with it, you can stand on it to change a lightbulb, you can sleep in it,

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