Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DP: Experimenting

post in progress

Technology Experiments:
  • what if all the headlines for all "major" world new sources appeared in one place
  • what if all the product information and reviews for folgers coffee appeared in one place
  • what if all the statistical data on the battle of the bulge appeared in one place
  • what if a program analyzed rss headlines and sought out articles related to words in the headline

Observational Experiments:
  • what if i gave someone a pressing question and use the internet to form an argument (to see how people use the internet to access information)
  • what if i gave someone something dense with information and asked them what information they would like to have

Visual Experiments:
  • what if the differences in product opinion was visualized

Interactive Experiments:
  • what if the interaction was mouse-less
  • what the interaction was "liquid" (have you ever been on wikipedia and went from one link to another reading bits of things until you forget where you started what if the interaction was made to purposefully facilitate that)
Crazy Experiments:
  • what if the utilization didn't require vision?
  • what if the interaction didn't require hands?
  • what if it was life changing?
  • what if it smelled?
  • what if it was a game?
  • what if it looked like a rock concert sounds?
  • what if it was the 80s?
  • what if it was linear?
  • what if it was self referencial?
  • what if it required tennis shoes?
  • what if it was designed by a tiger?
  • what if the content designed it?
  • what if it never looked the same?
  • what if it looked different based on degree of interaction?
  • what if

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