Friday, December 4, 2009

MX project two final

In lieu of screen grabs of my site Click Here

What I hoped to Achieve for this Site:
For this site I wanted to create an experience that was unlike any interactive web experience currently available. I also wanted to think about interaction in a different way, and eliminate the need for clicking.
Rational for the Design Decisions I Made:
So I made the decision to use the webcam so that the user can directly interact with the site. They are really playing with the site, not just mousing around, I feel like this creates a more immersive interactive experience.

What you Learned Through This Process:
Through this process I learned that it is really difficult to create that experience. Whenever you try to do things that people aren't doing it requires a large amount of "jerry rigging" to make them work, until a time when these things catch on and they start to build functionality like this in to the programs as a standard.

What I am Most Proud of:
I got it to work damnit! It isn't great, but it really works.

What I Struggled with Most:
Getting it to work, and trying to do my own work while also trying to help everyone. I have a really hard time saying no when people ask me for help because I really learn a lot solving other peoples problems. It's a great learning tool. It was really hard though to do that and still get my own done, especially if I was in the middle of something then had to stop, because restarting always takes a long time to re-remember what I was doing. Ugh.

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alicia rosas said...

Hi Ian!

I think it's pretty safe to say that your site is pushing a lot of boundaries and definitely presenting portfolio work in a non traditional way. I like the way it's removing the mouse as a medium for interaction and allowing the user to play directly with the screen. It isn't working on my computer for some reason, so I can't make much of a comment on usability, but from what I saw during class it looked like it was functioning pretty successfully, save for a little bit of glitchiness you mentioned. The fact that it works at all kind of blows my mind, so bravo!

And for the difficulty I'm sure you went through to get it to work, everything seems clear and logical. I'd be interested in seeing how users can further interact with the work (maybe other than scrolling through them, being able to resize them or shoot down the ones they hate by positioning their hand like a gun... just kidding).

Yaaay! Great job. 500 ballerina tacos for you.